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Never be without your files again.
The HomeWeb Personal Cloud service from Cognitier provides simple, secure access to your home computer's hard drive from the web browser on your smart phone. Browse, search, view, and email files with just a few taps. Instead of a cloud storage account, which gives you access to a snapshot of the files you last uploaded to the cloud, a HomeWeb account gives you up-to-the-minute access to your computer and its contents. Think of it as the "reverse-cloud", where instead of accessing the cloud from your personal computer, your personal computer "is" the cloud, and you access it from your smart phone.

Key Benefits
Home Cloud ArrowBrowse, search, view, and email your computer's files from anywhere
Cloud Computing ArrowRun functions such as converting files to PDF format for easier viewing and FTPing large file
Remote Access ArrowCreate custom routines to perform more advanced functions and run applications on your computer remotely
Remote Administration ArrowIf you have multiple computers, you can group them into "cloud clusters" and perform searches on all of them simultaneously, for example

How It Works
1.Using the appropriate download buttons on this page (32-bit or 64-bit operating system), download and install the HomeWeb client software on your computer (Microsoft Windows only)
2.From the Activation tab on the HomeWeb Admin tool, enter your email address to request your activation code
3.After receiving your welcome email, enter the activation code
4.Use the internet address provided in your welcome email to access your computer from any web browser - typically from your smart phone

Getting Help

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions. Email us (support@cognitier.com) or call us (866-991-5991) if you need help.

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